Where to photograph autumn colours in China

China is an enormous country yet, quite interestingly, there are pretty much only five places where both autumn colours and the area are striking enough as well as integrate well with each other to allow producing impressive photographs. These places are as follows:

  • Bashang (坝上, northern Hebei Province)

  • Western Sichuan Province (川西, i.e. Jiuzhaigou(九寨沟), Huanglong(黄龙), Siguninangshan(四姑娘山), etc.)

  • Huizhou (徽州, southern Anhui Province)

  • Wuyuan (婺源, Jiangxi Province)

  • Yuanyang (元阳, Yunnan Province)

If you plan to photograph autumn colours in China I would suggest simply choosing one of the destinations listed above - all of them are absolutely brilliant.