Oleg's China Photo Travel Guide

China boasts a great number of very unique and diverse photographic destinations and subjects which, without a doubt, would appeal to photographers of different cultural backgrounds and aesthetic perception. However, some objective factors such as somewhat limited tourist infrastructure and lack of adequate popularization have so far prevented uncovering them, and non–Chinese photographers are only starting to tap into what the country offers photographically. The main purpose of this guide, therefore, is to introduce and make photographers aware of the immense photographic resources that the country possesses.

Another purpose of this guide is to help photographers travelling to and in China to intelligently choose where, when, why and how they go to in this extremely varied country. It also aims at assisting them in properly making pre–departure preparations and decisions as well as eliminating the element of chance while en route.

The principal concern of this guide is photography, which has two implications. First, the places introduced here are chosen from the photographic perspective—though indispensable as they might be the country's culture, history, economy, etc. are of secondary consideration. Second, while some information provided here might be common to what you will find in general travel guides, other info (e.g., the best location to photograph at sunrise) is unique and crucial for photographers.

I personally have travelled to and photographed in all the places introduced in the guide; moreover, I visited most of them at least twice. Whereas I appreciate that this guide is prone to subjectivity I nevertheless hope that it will provide you as a photographer with valuable information in spite of the possible biases.

Click on the links below for detailed photo travel information on or impressions of each of the destinations. Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments, find mistakes or would like to update any information.

General issues

General issues to be aware of when travelling in China

Where to photograph autumn colours in China

Where to buy/sell photo equipment and film in China

Where to process and scan film in China


Impressions of Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Impressions of Mount Tai, Shandong Province

Impressions of The Yellow Mountain

Huizhou: ancient China today

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