Photography–related links

Pursue photography for some time and one is bound to have a selection of favourite photography–related Web sites. Most of the links to the sites that we have can be divided into two categories: temporary links and links to the sites that we visit on a more or less regular basis. The former normally address any one–time issues, e.g. mastering a new technique, resolving a problem, or researching a piece of equipment. The latter lead to resources that present enough artistic and/or informational value to turn to regularly. The links below belong to the second category and are occasionally updated to reflect the changes in the online photographic resources and my preferences.

  • ByThom.com

    Thom started out ages ago by providing in–depth information, reviews and analysis on everything Nikon. With the arrival of mirrorless cameras, he has expanded to three different sites, which continue to provide a considerable wealth of information on digital cameras and the photographic industry in general.

  • Digital Photography Review

    News on and in–depth reviews of digital photography equipment in a style different from Imaging Resource below.

  • Imaging Resource

    News on and in–depth reviews of digital photography equipment in a style different from Digital Photography Review above.

  • KenRockwell.com

    Although Ken's writing style might be a bit too presumptuous at times and I wish he could pay more attention to the site's design, he generally gives an experienced, honest and trustworthy opinion on things photographic; his incredible sense of humour is another thing that many photography–related Web sites lack.

  • LensRentals Blog

    If only all photography–related businesses could provide such in–depth, unbiased, relevant and unique technical perspective.

  • LensWork Magazine

    One of the rare resources on the Internet that concentrates on the creative process and understanding of photography beyond craft. I highly recommend subscribing to Brooks' podcasts (free) and, if finances allow, the magazine.

  • Lloyd Chambers Blog

    In–depth reviews and analysis of lenses and digital cameras. Although most of the content is pay–for, and Lloyd is a techie without artistic aspirations, every once in a while some of the technical insights are quite worthwhile.

  • The Luminous Landscape

    One of the most useful—albeit often controversial—photography–related resources on the Web. Updated on an almost daily basis, this resource will keep you busy reading for quite some time. Quite honestly, though, most of Michael's photographs do not speak to me and I find them somewhat mediocre. Very good business acumen, though.

  • Ming Thein's Blog

    Reviews, opinions, philosophy of photography, techniques and photoessays from Kuala Lumpur.

  • The Online Photographer

    After a few years of Luminous Landscape dedication Mike Johnston decided to fly solo and established this photography blog. It has now become one of the best photographic resources online.

  • Photo.net

    Reviews, opinions, recommendations, and so on and so forth. The main value of the site lies in its forums, though, where you can find in–depth information on pretty much any topic or piece of gear.

  • Photographs on the Brain

    This is where I visit when I want to look at curated images and explore visual sensibility that is totally different from mine.

  • Visual Science Lab

    Solid technical expertise combined with a vision that can only be cultivated with time.